You know when you're watching TV and a commercial comes on that is about 1000% louder than the program you were actually watching? And it's that Nissan commercial with the people singing and dancing to a version of 'Summer Lovin'' from 'Grease' ("Summer savings / at Nissan's a blast!")? Well, why mute the TV or change the channel like a sane person when you can smash your fist into something? Enter: the Smash Mute.

What is the Smash Mute? Well think of the Staples "Easy" button but instead here, it's a giant button that you smash with your fist and it will mute your television. The button even says "Shut the f--- up!" on it in all caps.

The Smash Mute, which you program to your TV much like a traditional remote control, is billed as being "faster and easier to use" than the mute button on your remote. And with the added bonus that you get to turn into a giant rage monster on your couch because your TV was too loud.

It's completely ridiculous - who pays $24.95 plus shipping and handling for a gigantic mute button? - but that's exactly why we can see this becoming a Snuggie-like sensation. People just love dumb stuff sometimes.

So if you absolutely must Hulk out on your TV, then the technology is finally here. Welcome to the 21st century.