It's not really the holiday season without 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' playing on the TV in the background while your family catches up and/or argues, so it was inevitable that the Saturday Night Live crew would take aim at Charles Schultz's iconic creation in their Christmas special. Naturally, the best way to make fun of something as sweet and wholesome as Charlie Brown and his friends is to take it in the exact opposite direction. Hilarity ensues, etc.

If the title 'You're a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown' makes you giggle, then the sketch embedded below is for you.

Filmed like a commercial for an off-Broadway stage production, the sketch re-imagines the Charlie Brown mythos as a star-studded, R-rated, 'Glengarry Glenn Ross'-esque tale of horrible human beings being horrible to each other. Various SNL cast members break out some of their best impersonations to portray warped versions of the Peanuts gang and the result is evil and kind of brilliant. While special attention must be paid to Bill Hader's Al Pacino/Charlie Brown and Jason Sudeikis' Phillip Seymour Hoffman/Pig-Pen, the highlight of the whole thing is guest host Martin Short's impeccable Larry David, who is completely and utterly unlike Linus in every possible way (which is the point, of course).

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