Big SNL fans (and that includes us) tend to roll our eyes a little whenever an opening monologue revolves around the guest host breaking into song. It often feels like a last resort, like no one in the writers’ room could come up with a better idea. And while we want to turn up our nose at the show breaking out this formula for Ryan Gosling, we have to admit that they’ve made it work...mostly because they pair him with fellow Canadian and SNL veteran, Mike Myers.

The monologue is actually really fun and cute before Myers and Gosling get to singing. It seems that Gosling doesn’t want the world to know that he’s from “America’s hat,” so he opens by speaking fondly of growing up in Brooklyn and celebrating Christmas in New York City. However, his shame immediately draws Myers (who “lives backstage”) into the spotlight to remind him of his heritage and of what Canadian Christmas is all “aboot.”

It’s very silly stuff, but the combination of Myers’ tried and true enthusiasm and Gosling keeping up despite some obvious nerves (which ends up proving more endearing than troublesome) makes it work. The Canada jokes are a little obvious, with Gosling himself even pointing out that they were obviously written by Americans, but the two of them sell it with just right tone. While we’re still opposed to the show breaking out song-and-dance numbers for every monologue, this one gets a pass.