It’s hard to dislike Taylor Swift, the rare pop star whose entire public persona seems to be built upon the fact that she’s gracious toward her passionate fans and a warrior for hard-working artists who just want to get paid for their work. It’s easy to join the cult of Taylor — even if her music isn’t for you, she seems like good people. But what happens when the entire world devotes their lives to their new pop idol master? SNL’s fake trailer for The Squad gives us an answer.

It begins with that familiar, often parodied 28 Days Later set-up: two friends (Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant) are in an accident and wake up in the hospital...but the world has changed while they were out. Everything is abandoned. The streets are deserted. The only sign of human life is the graffiti that has been left behind: “1989,” “The Squad” and the like.

Yes, Taylor Swift fandom will ultimately lead to the equivalent of the zombie apocalypse. Except everyone is getting invited on stage to walk around for a few minutes instead of wandering the wasteland as a shambling corpse.

The Squad may not be the most technically precise parody trailer SNL has ever made, but it is very funny and clever, taking a very specific moment in popular culture and immortalizing it. Seriously, when the next generation watches “Best of SNL” compilations, they’ll reach this thing and not get it at all. And sometimes, that’s the beauty of this show. It’s comedy for the here and now.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go blast some “Bad Blood” and plot out our squad goals.