The success of 2013’s Snowpiercer can’t be overstated, between director Bong Joon-Ho fighting the Weinsteins for an uncut version, and earning a wider release by word-of-mouth praise, but we can’t say we expected a TV adaptation to follow. And yet, Tomorrow Studios has optioned the rights for a Snowpiercer series based on the South Korean sci-fi, as written by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles scribe Josh Friedman.

The Hollywood Reporter broke word of a Snowpiercer TV series, which director Bong and co-producer Dooho Choi will executive produce alongside Adelstein, Becky Clements, and feature producer Chan-wook Park. For those unfamiliar, Snowpiercer followed the last remnants of humanity after a man-made ice age, traveling the globe on a train segregating the poor and starving from the rich in the forward cars.

The fan-favorite feature impressively starred the likes of Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, Jamie Bell, Ed Harris, John Hurt and Allison Pill. So says Tomorrow Studios of the effort:

We are very excited to be working with Josh on this incredible story. As such a prolific and innovative writer he is the ideal person to create a massive new world in this adaptation. This is an expansive, high-concept project and we are thrilled to be a part of reimagining it for television.

Adds Friedman:

I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity. Marty and Becky are the perfect partners to help me bring this world to TV. I’m a huge fan of director Bong’s films, especially Snowpiercer. It’s great the way the best sci-fi is great — thoughtful, political, funny, scary and sly. And it’s on a train. A big f—ing train. What more could you want?

You can check out the original trailer for yourself below, but could a Snowpiercer TV series work, or feel a bit claustrophobic in a closed setting?

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