'Sons of Anarchy''s sixth season came to a close with the exceptionally brutal two-hour finale "A Mother's Work," likely leaving but one season remaining for Kurt Sutter's nigh-Shakespearean epic. We've heard rumors of a potential prequel series before, but with the end in sight, what does Sutter himself have to say about FX's intent to develop a 'Sons of Anarchy' miniseries exploring the "Original 9"?

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter on the finale, Sutter confirmed that he'd brought the idea of a prequel spinoff to FX long ago, though the plan remained to focus on telling Jax's story through to its inevitable end. However, given FX's increased focus on event series and one-offs, like the individual seasons of 'American Horror Story,' the network may have finally found an angle with which to tell an original 'Sons of Anarchy' tale.

I brought the concept of the first nine to them very early on, a couple season[s] in. They were intrigued by the idea. Now that FX has expanded and they’re looking at doing standalone seasons and miniseries, I think it’s a probably a lot more viable than it was a few years ago. I love the idea of doing the origin story, even if it’s a standalone 12-episode thing. I love the idea of doing a period piece. It definitely would have different energy, it would be a different kind of show, but I think the real fans would plug into it.

We would probably want to rest the mythology for a season or two, meaning that I don’t think we would end Sons and begin the prequel. I think we would let it breathe for a couple years.

Admittedly, the idea of a period 'Sons of Anarchy' event series exploring the Original 9 in a few years seems much more organic to FX and the series at large than a straight spinoff, but what say you? Would you be interested to see Sutter's SAMCRO origin story after 'Sons of Anarchy' wraps up its 7th season in 2014? Would a miniseries suffice to tell the tale?

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