FX biker drama 'Sons of Anarchy' has long courted both headlines and controversy with its frank depictions of violence, but upcoming season 6 premiere "Straw" may prove the most debated yet. Showrunner Kurt Sutter recently addressed a violent twist featured in the upcoming September 10 debut that will no doubt make headlines, while updating fans on the series' longevity and upcoming extended episodes.

Without revealing the nature of the event itself, a dark turn taken in the latter half of 'Sons of Anarchy' season 6 premiere will no doubt prove the source of controversy, one Sutter has pushed to implement into the 'Sons of Anarchy' story for several years. Speaking at the TCA press tour, Sutter defended the violent scene as "organic" to the storyline, and the beginning of the end for the biker drama's narrative trajectory.

I knew that it would be somewhat controversial but I feel like, as much as I wouldn't do something because it was controversial, I'm also not going to not do something because it's controversial. Thematically, it's the right fit.

I will also say that there's a lot of blood and guts in my show. It's a signature of the show but I feel like I'm not lying to myself when I say this: Nothing is done gratuitously. The events that happen in the premiere are really the catalyst for the third act of this morality play we're doing.

Sutter also revealed that nearly every episode of 'Sons of Anarchy' season 6 had come in between 15 and 30 minutes above the usual running time, something negotiated with FX in order for Sutter to fully flesh out character relationships in time for the predicted season 7 end to the series. "I have an idea of what the final shot is,” Sutter offered of the seventh season. "And I hold onto it loosely. If that’s what it ends up being, that’s what it ends up being."

Premiering September 10, the sixth season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ will feature the likes of 'RoboCop' star Peter Weller, C. Thomas Howell, ‘Shameless’ star Steve Howey, former ‘The Shield’ star CCH Pounder, ‘Deadwood’ star Kim Dickens, while both Drea de Matteo’s Wendy and Donal Logue’s villainous Lee Toric will return, and Jimmy Smits (Nero Padilla) was upgraded to series regular. Sutter previously confirmed to reporters the next batch of episodes would likely open a few days ahead in the story, the weight of the season 5 finale’s events still fresh.

What do we think? Will 'Sons of Anarchy''s controversial premiere make headlines for the wrong reasons? What shocking developments do you think Kurt Sutter will unleash on us this season? Watch the teaser below, and pitch us your predictions in the comments!