Many a 'Sons of Anarchy' fan found themselves maddeningly disheartened when longtime series star Ryan Hurst left the series, and put to rest his role as Jax's trusted childhood friend and SAMCRO member Harry "Opie" Winston.  After last weeks climactic "To Thine Own Self," the FX biker drama prepares for the final acts of its fifth season, though not without sending Hurst off with a special goodbye.  And what's more special than putting a samurai sword to your own face, after all?

'Sons of Anarchy' fans still count themselves in mourning over the tragic death of Ryan Hurst's SAMCRO character Opie, lost to us with a blow to the head in the aptly titled "Laying Pipe."  Chatting with Entertainment Weekly, Hurst recalled how difficult it was to first learn of his character's demise, and how in filming he requested all of his co-stars be present for the final moments.

In particular, series star Charlie Hunnam (Jax) devised a rather unique method of helping Hurst say goodbye to the character off-screen, enlisting his brothers to help shave Opie's trademark facial hair...with a katana, no less!  "[Ryan] said there were a thousand books to help actors with character development but not one on how to kill the f—er when you are done," Hunnam recalls. "So, I said, ‘Why don’t you come to my house, man, and we’ll do this really right. I’ll get a few of the boys there and we’ll cut your beard off as that’s ultimately going to be the final farewell.’”

'Sons of Anarchy' star Mark Boone Jr. contributed to the cleansing cut as well, as outlined in EW's video of the event.  And so we all say goodbye to Opie, hoping to one day put a katana to our own faces.

Of course, we'll see Ryan Hurst again when he comes to TNT's 'King & Maxwell,' so love lost is only short-lived.  Give us your reactions to poor Opie's death on 'Sons of Anarchy' in the comments!