I’m the guy who wrote the article “What Marvel Got Right About Spider-Man That His Solo Movies Got Wrong,” so it should go without saying (or at least saying again) how much I enjoyed Tom Holland’s new take on Spidey from Captain America: Civil War. The real test for the new Spider-Man, though, will be his first full-fledged solo film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, due next summer from Marvel and Sony. Will Homecoming carry forward Spidey’s momentum from Civil War? Or will it be another Amazing Spider-Man 2? (Dear Lord, please don’t let it be another Amazing Spider-Man 2.)

As much as I loved Holland’s Spider-Man in Civil War, most of this Spidey did seem like a CGI character. It was tough to get a read on how much of what we saw was actually Holland in that great new Spidey costume. But Looper got their hands on some photos from the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and they show Holland fully bedecked in the character’s signature red-and-blues.

There are a lot more images available at Looper, which came from a shoot in Atlanta where temperatures reportedly hit 100 degrees. (I hope Spidey packed some juice boxes in that backpack.) The Spider-Man suit looks largely unchanged from Civil War, with the dark blue arm bands and the exterior belt and those cool John Romita-inspired eyes. So many superhero movies (including the old Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy) avoid the whole Spandex thing with leather or rubber or armor because I guess people think it looks silly. But Holland’s suit really gets close to the classic comic book style and it’s great. Somehow this costume is both the most modern and the most retro all at once.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in theaters July 7, 2017. Just over a year away! I am excited.

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