If 'Star Trek Into Darkness' is anything like its predecessor, it's going to be a visually stunning film filled with some seriously intense action. Well, if there was any doubt about that, go ahead and erase it. A new clip from the film has arrived and it looks to be very much in line with what has come before.

The clip comes from the film's opening sequence, which finds the crew of the Enterprise struggling to save an entire planet from a devastating volcanic eruption. For whatever reason, this involves Sulu (John Cho) piloting a shuttle craft and depositing Spock (Zachary Quinto) right into a fiery mountain of lava and death -- and obviously something goes wrong. Who needs lens flares when you have specks of burning hot magma flickering all over the place?

It's an exciting moment in what sounds like an exciting opening set piece, letting the entire crew make a grand reintroduction in style. The scale of the scene certainly makes the cost of 3D IMAX tickets seem worth it, huh?

'Star Trek Into Darkness' opens on May 15 in IMAX and May 17 in traditional theaters.