You don’t have to have watched the last fifty years of Star Trek to appreciate Discovery, but man, if this franchise doesn’t get weird. See for yourself, as The Next Generation gets an Honest Trailer for its craziest moments, including child-endangerment, ghost-boning and more!

Following Sunday’s Discovery premiere, venture back thirty years (thirty for us, about 100 forward for them) to The Next Generation, as Honest Trailers takes aim at the original series’ “geeky younger brother.” Don’t worry, everything you loved is well-represented, from Patrick Stewart’s incredible talent to invention of some of the franchise’s best villains, but just as much of the inexcusably weird stuff.

I mean, we’ve all seen the endless Picard memes and supercuts of Riker swiveling over chairs, or Worf getting knocked down, but they really told Wesley Crusher to can it quite a bit. And forget the Kardashian joke – did Dr. Crusher really bone a Scottish space-ghost and fight her own grandmother? Man, the later seasons of Discovery are going to be lit.

In the meantime, have a look at some of the other rare TV Honest Trailers, from Sherlock to The Flash, and stay tuned for more on Star Trek: Discovery in the next few weeks.

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