Much was made about how the ‘Avengers 2' trailer broke online viewing records for 2014, shattering the previous record by ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ But, records were made to be broken and it took just over a month for the ‘Avengers 2’ trailer to be surpassed, not surprisingly, by the ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ trailer, which, if it keeps up at its current pace, could set the all-time record for trailer views.

According to Zefr, a company that tracks this sort of thing, the ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ trailer has been viewed online 58.2 million times since its debut on Friday. The ‘Avengers 2’ trailer was viewed 50.6 million times in its first week, and the ‘Star Wars’ trailer surpassed that (and then some) in just four days. Not to be outdone, the ‘Jurassic World’ trailer also passed the ‘Avengers 2’ trailer in total views with 53.9 million views.

It may not be an entirely level playing field as the ‘Avengers 2’ trailer leaked online early potentially robbing the film of millions of views. In all likelihood though, the ‘Star Wars’ trailer eventually would’ve caught and passed ‘Avengers 2’ no matter what happened, especially since these stats only take into account YouTube views and the ‘Episode 7’ trailer actually debuted on iTunes.

A spokesperson for Zefr claimed that the ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ trailer was on track to become the most viewed trailer of all-time, but stopped short of mentioning what film holds that record and with how many views. It probably doesn’t matter much; with the anticipation surrounding ‘The Force Awakens’ (people gathered in Austin just to watch the trailer 17 times in a row), it’ll beat whatever record exists. No pressure, J.J. Abrams.

‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ opens in theaters on December 18, 2015.

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