From the moment Disney announced it would begin "winding down" 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' as it began building a new era of the 'Star Wars' franchise, fans have wondered where the animated arm of the franchise would reach next. Now, we've learned that the newest project will take the name 'Star Wars Rebels,' chronicling the time between trilogies after the formation of the Empire! Preview the newest 'Star Wars' series inside!

While the next round of movies remains something of a mystery, 'Star Wars' fans finally have a clue about the future of the franchise. Via the New York Times, we've learned that Disney will produce an animated series titled 'Star Wars Rebels,' for a likely fall 2014 debut on the Disney Channel, before moving to Disney XD

While details of the plot have been kept somewhat under wraps, we know that 'Star Wars Rebels' will take place "in a time where the Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights as a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking shape.” Taking over the creative side are that of screenwriter and producer Simon Kinberg ('X-Men: First Class,' 'Elysium'), who writes the first episode; 'Clone Wars' supervising director Dave Filoni and 'Young Justice' producer Greg Weisman.

It still remains to be seen what, if anything will become of the additional material produced for 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars,' but what say you? Are you interested to have an animated series that explored the time between the original and prequel trilogies? How would you like to see the series unfold?