When Lorne Michaels is producing a movie, it’s probably pretty easy to get a bunch of former and current SNL cast members to show up for cameo appearances. Michaels produced the upcoming indie comedy Staten Island Summer, which the trailer sells as a solid coming of age tale even without all those SNL cameos — though they probably won’t hurt.

Staten Island Summer isn’t one of the many films hitting the big screen this summer. Instead, it’ll hit Netflix at the end of July, which seems fitting for a comedy that centers on two teenage boys spending their summer as lifeguards. That’s a popular setting for coming of age movies — just a couple of years ago we had The To-Do List, for instance, but hopefully Staten Island Summer is a bit more successful.

Staten Island Summer follows two teen boys played by Graham Phillips (The Good Wife) and Zack Pearlman (the short-lived sitcom Mulaney), who graduate high school and decide to spend their summer at the lifeguard station. The usual shenanigans ensue: girls, job hassles, etc.

The supporting cast is filled with faces you’ll recognize from SNL: Bobby Moynihan, Kate McKinnon, Fred Armisen, Mike O’Brien, Will Forte and Cecily Strong. The non-SNL supporting cast is just as great, and includes Gina Gershon, Ashley Greene, Method Man and Kate Walsh.

Those are a lot of funny people for this to be a not-funny movie, but we’ll see when Staten Island Summer hits Netflix on July 31.

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