J.J. Abrams is infamous for his "mystery box" method of promoting his and his production company's projects, deliberately obscuring details (like the nature of 'Super 8') and sometimes outright lying (Khan in 'Star Trek Into Darkness'). He's taken it all to a new level with 'Stranger,' a Bad Robot production that is so tightly under wraps that we didn't hear about it until this teaser arrived ... and we don't even know if it's a movie, a TV show or something else entirely.

For all we know, 'Stranger' isn't even the title of the project (no title is actually revealed in the teaser), but it's the name of the video. The black-and-white teaser is simple and creepy, depicting a mysterious figure struggling out of the ocean and walking up the beach, all set to lovely music and a vague narration. And then it reveals something, uh, else. It's a little creepy, and we don't want to ruin any shocks to be had and enjoyed, so go give it a watch.

But what the heck is 'Stranger'? The vagueness of it all reminds us of the initial trailer for the Bad Robot-produced 'Cloverfield,' which teased an extended scene and a release date, but no title and no plot. The mystery of the project led to all kinds of intense online speculation, which Abrams and company are obviously attempting to replicate here. But with 'Cloverfield,' at least we knew it was a movie. Like with so many of Abrams' other projects, this approach is equally frustrating and enticing.

Okay, J.J. We've eaten your bread crumbs. Now please lead us somewhere interesting.