We’re deep enough between Stranger Things seasons that the old memes have fallen away, but is one familial favorite getting left behind? Ben Schwartz is still angling for his cameo, likely relegating Jean-Ralphio’s reunion with long-lost father Steve for another day.

Even as Schwartz pivoted the Stranger Things and Parks and Recreation resemblance into an appearance on Corden alongside Stranger star Joe Keery, the actor-comedian tells Larry King he’s still hoping for a future appearance in the breakout Netflix thriller. Schwartz was amused that King was even made to reference Stranger Things and Parks without knowledge of them, but nonetheless joked that King could help make it happen:

For those unfamiliar with the gag, it wasn’t long after the first Stranger Things debut that viewers noticed a physical similarity between Keery’s Steve Harrington and Schwartz’s Parks and Recreation favorite Jean-Ralphio Saperstein. Both series actually take place in Indiana, to which Schwartz was only too happy to corroborate fan theories that Steve could have been Jean-Ralphio’s real father, setting both series in the same universe.

In the meantime, Netflix will likely come forth with genuine Stranger Things Season 2 details over the summer, as we bike toward the Halloween premiere. Might Schwartz have pulled a Star Wars, and found his way into the series behind-the-scenes?

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