How was the Joker? Is Ben Affleck’s Batman a welcome addition? What about the other surprise DC cameo? Does Amanda Waller’s plan make any sense at all? Who the heck is Slipknot? How does Harley Quinn fit into the rest of the Suicide Squad? Why did they introduce Katana so late in the movie? What the hell was going on with the Enchantress? Did they really just rip off Ghostbusters with that ending? All of those topics and more are on the table for our FULL SPOILERS discussion and review of Suicide Squad.

For our latest spoiler review, ScreenCrush editor-in-chief Matt Singer was joined by Matt Patches, senior entertainment editor for, for a deep dive into all things Suicide Squad. They talk about the film’s premise, its action, director David Ayer, the performances by Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, and more. Did the film improve on Batman v Superman? Was the movie too jokey? Or not jokey enough? (Or, for that matter, not Joker-y enough?)

That’s all debatable (although Matt and Matt might disagree on the answer), but our two critics didn’t disagree too much over the course of their 15-minute conversation. Check out their Suicide Squad analysis above, and if you want even more movie discussion, here are some other spoiler-filled reviews you might enjoy (including are all-SPOILERS debate of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice). Suicide Squad is in theaters everywhere now.