It wasn’t seen as likely that Supergirl could make the transition from its prestigious CBS home to the more youth-skewing CW, but now we’ve officially taken the plunge, it remains to be seen what changes lie in store. As far as CBS was concerned, the move is “win-win,” but what took so long to hammer out a deal?

Speaking with reporters ahead of its Upfront presentation, CBS gave a quick answers as to why Supergirl ended up moving to The CW, even as network head Les Moonves suggested before the call they’d have considered ordering Season 2 regardless of the CW deal. Clarified CBS president Glenn Geller:

The ratings did start a little higher and they came down a bit. I think it found the right home. It’s a win-win for us. We co-own the CW and we made a great deal with Warner Bros. … Who’s to say if we hadn’t made that deal that we wouldn’t have picked it up?

It’s not necessarily a great deal for actors or crew, who have to move and devote a significant portion of time to living around Vancouver, while it also remains to be seen how a reduced budget will appear onscreen.

We’ll likely hear more on the decision in the coming days, particularly from The CW Upfronts on Thursday, but should CBS have given Supergirl another chance? What big changes should we expect?

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