It’s been some time since CBS boss Les Moonves first assured that Supergirl and other freshman dramas would get their renewals in due course, and at long last, Kara’s big day is here. Supergirl will officially return for Season 2, albeit with one major CW twist.

CBS announced the official renewal and CW move weeks after the DC drama’s first season finale, amid recent discussions of moving production to Vancouver, which (along with a reduced budget) now seems to be the case. The Super-series had flown in somewhat under the expected ratings threshold throughout its freshman run, reaching its highest viewership with the Flash crossover.

In the meantime, producers have promised Season 2 would feature the previously name-dropped Project Cadmus, a notorious comic organization rumored to introduce the Supergirl version of Superboy. Former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter has also been reportedly tapped to play the U.S. President, while producers anticipate some kind of additional crossover between The Flash, and/or the associate properties of Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow.

Supergirl’s renewal seemed like a no-brainer before the recent hubbub, but what shold we expect from the revamped (and likely lower-budgeted) series in Season 2?

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