Monday gave us a first taste of the four-way DC crossover, as The Flash dropped by Supergirl to recruit her against the “Invasion!”, but Kara’s work is only just begun. Producers reveal that Supergirl will again face the “Dominators” in Season 2, this time on her own Earth.

While Supergirl will be sticking to her own separate universe from the one shared by Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, it seems another branch of Dominators will menace the Earth Kara calls home. Says executive producer Andrew Kreisberg (via ComicBook):

This is not the last you see of the Dominators. The Dominators will return on Supergirl later this season.

Mind you, we don’t yet know the full scope of the Dominators’ … well, dominion, if perhaps the alien race maintains any presence across multiple universes, or merely hasn’t caught wind of Kara’s Earth in that particular dimension. Either way, Kara should have a leg up on the fresh round of alien invaders, having previously helped to defeat them, an why let good CG go to waste?

In any case, the four-way, three-part “Invasion!” kicks off on The Flash, and Kara seems hoppin’ mad (and mind-controlled) in the first trailer. What might set the Dominators off anew later this season?

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