For all the brooding, glowering superheroes about to do battle in late March, Supergirl and The Flash will finally meet on TV, and it looks … dare I say … fun? Imagine that, as Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist pal around the Supergirl set in new photos of the “Worlds Finest” together, laughing it up and cheerfully battling supervillains.

A new round of set photos have emerged from the Supergirl set, featuring Grant Gustin fully decked out in his Flash duds (which look redder than ever in the California sun), sharing laughs with Melissa Benoist in between takes. There are also confirmed sightings of Italia Ricci’s Silver Banshee as their villain along with a returning Livewire, but even they looks to be having a nice time. What a crazy thought, super-teams that actually look like fun! In color!

At the very least, we also know that while “Worlds Finest” airs on March 28, the prior week’s Flash outing “Flash Back” episode will see Barry again traveling through time, which could well end with him somehow breaching dimensions to Kara’s National City.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the latest on The Flash and Supergirl crossover, and get to speculatin’ on some theories!

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