Arrow Season 4 ticked up a few notches in its choice of directors, most recently with stunt coordinator James Bamford, and prior to that, Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander. Now, Supergirl will follow in the footsteps of her DC predecessor, as Alexander next heads to National City to launch Kara up, up and away.

Following the excellent Arrow work, Alexander has yet to explicitly confirm the Supergirl hosting gig, though she and comedian Patton Oswalt both heavily alluded to the hire over Twitter, thereafter acknowledging the positive responses:

In addition to her work directing the notably better-received Punisher film, Alexander has also proven a fan-favorite suggestion for such high-profile superhero projects as the upcoming Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel films, though in the former’s case at least, has waned on the idea. Alexander is also a former World Karate and Kickboxing Champion, which could come in handy now that we’ve seen Kara working on her moves.

We don’t know when exactly Alexander’s episode would air, though Supergirl itself recently secured an additional seven episodes for the first season, which might offer a clue. In any case, Supergirl will return next monday with “Human for a Day,” following this past week’s “Red Faced.”

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