Last last night, word broke that Supergirl Season 2 was locked in a budget standoff between CBS and Warner Bros. TV, potentially considering a move to The CW, and another option has arrived. Production is discussing a move from California to Vancouver, though other outlets like Hulu are also starting to express interest.

Per Deadline, Warner Bros. TV has already discussed with the cast a possibility of moving production to Vancouver, an un-ideal prospect some are said to be unhappy over, but a realistic one nonetheless. The dip in viewership over Season 1 (13 million viewers for the pilot, about half that by the finale) hasn’t matched the $3 million per-episode license tag, and a move to Vancouver would help assuage CBS’ concerns.

“Multiple networks and digital platforms” have also expressed interest in picking up the series, should CBS decline, while the CW option is considered somewhat financially unfeasible to insiders. It’s also possible that Supergirl could return to CBS with a lower episode order to offset the cost.

If not The CW, Vancouver would at least place Supergirl in easier crossover range with Arrow and The Flash, while CBS is expected to make a decision in the weeks before its May upfront presentation.

Should Supergirl move north, might we expect any cast changes unwilling to make the trip?

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