'Iron Man 3' is flying very high right now, racking up a stunning worldwide gross of almost $1 billion in little over a week. But with two more highly anticipated superhero adventures up ahead, will Iron Man truly reign supreme this summer?

It would take a Herculean effort for any movie to challenge the Shane Black film's amazing triumph -- as of press time, 'Iron Man 3' has made $949 million worldwide -- but there are two strongmen who are more than up for it.

First up will be 'Man of Steel,' the Zack Snyder-directed and Christopher Nolan-produced reboot of the Superman legend. As Superman is still arguably the most famous superhero of all time, it's not hard to imagine this film becoming a box office titan soon after its June 14 debut. Then on July 25, 'The Wolverine' returns to the big screen with a vengeance. Everyone's favorite member of the X-Men, Logan is easily the biggest badass leading man of the bunch, and Hugh Jackman has an appeal that reaches outside the core fanboy audience. 'The Wolverine' also comes at the end of July and will have a mostly opponent-less path through the remainder of the summer season.

So which superhero will ultimately be the king of the summer 2013 mountain when it's all said and done? Vote in our poll and comment below!