Lately we've been hearing about all manner of past 'Supernatural' guest stars coming out of the woodwork for the final episodes of the season, but next Wednesday's all-new episode "Pac-Man Fever" will return one of the CW drama's favorites. Felicia Day will reprise her role as the hacker hottie Charlie Bradbury, but what trouble has she brought before the Winchester brothers this time? Check out the first clip from "Pac-Man Fever" to find out!

Fan-favorite 'Supernatural' guest star Felicia Day will make her second appearance of the season in Wednesday, April 24 episode "Pac-Man Fever," as Charlie Bradbury joins Dean on a hunt while Sam recuperates from his involvement in the mysterious trials. The episode will surprisingly take the trio into a video game landscape, but that isn't the only bit of meta fun expected from "Pac-Man Fever."

In the first clip from Wednesday's all-new episode, Charlie stumbles upon a bit of 'Supernatural' past in researching the brothers' involvement in the hunting world, while it seems Sam and Dean have come to trust Charlie enough to invite her into the Men of Letters base! Judging by the recent character announcements, however, we'd expect the past referencing seen in the clip below is only the beginning.

Check out the first clip of Felicia Day's third 'Supernatural' appearance in 'Pac-Man Fever' below, and give us your predictions for the final four episodes of the season in the comments!