Season 8 is going to be a big year for 'Supernatural.'  Not only have the Winchester brothers beaten the Friday Night Death Slot curse and won a coveted Wednesday spot alongside buzz-worthy new superhero drama 'Arrow,' but Jeremy Carver will also take the reigns as show-runner from the departing Sera Gamble.  As if that weren't enough, season eight's premiere marks the show's landmark 150th episode!  Will one of the cast win the lucky honor of directing the show's big 1-5-0?

We'd previously learned that 'Supernatural' star Jensen Ackles would once again direct for the show's eighth season, having previously helmed season 6's "Weekend at Bobbys' and season 7's "The Girl Next Door."  Precious few details have been revealed about the show's eighth (and definitely not final) season, but we've now learned that Ackles will in fact direct the season's third outing, rather than the 150th episode season premiere.

Co-executive producer Jim Michaels was the one to reveal Jensen's episode via his Twitter, also explaining that Jensen's episode, number 152, will be the first shot on the production schedule.  The same happened with last year's "The Girl Next Door," as shooting Jensen's directorial episode first allows the star more time to prepare.

Additionally, lucky fans at San Diego Comic-Con this year will likely see snippets from Jensen's episode, much as last year's panel brought clips from "The Girl Next Door."  Earlier today, Warner Bros. announced their full slate of panels, once again putting 'Supernatural' in Hall H on Sunday, and likely hosting the series' main cast and regular guest-stars Jim Beaver, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard.

So, 'Supernatural' fans, what do you think we'll see from season 8?  Will Dean still be trapped in Purgatory, making Jensen's episode mostly Sam-centric?  Who's going to check out the Winchester brothers at Comic-Con this year?  Tell us what you're most looking forward to in the comments!