Unabashedly, we love Jim Beaver.  Not only has the actor provided one of the strongest characters across seven seasons of 'Supernatural,' but popped up in everything from 'Justified' to 'Breaking Bad,' even recently.  Now, a very justifiable (heh) rumor has placed Beaver in talks for a role in the coming seasons of 'Dexter,' and possibly even 'The Office' spin-off 'The Farm,' should it go to series.  How far have discussions gone, and who would he play? 

'Supernatural' fans needn't worry about a shortage of Jim Beaver on the tubes following his character Bobby Singer's official (ish?)  demise this past season, as Beaver himself recently tweeted that he'd entered talks for both a role on 'Dexter,' and 'The Farm!'  Of course, no official deals are in place, and Beaver didn't elaborate on either role, but it's still an excellent get for either show.

Apart from his series-long role as hunter Bobby Singer of 'Supernatural,' Beaver recently held a  prominent role in the third season of FX's 'Justified,' and reprised his season 4 gun dealer Lawson for the season 5 premiere of 'Breaking Bad.'  While 'The Farm' will be introduced in the final season of 'The Office,' and potentially spun-off into its own series, 'Dexter has been guaranteed to end after its eighth season.  It isn't known if Beaver would join 'Dexter' season 7, premiering September 30, or the eighth season in 2013.

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