'Supernatural’ season 7 chisels out its twenty-first episode of the season, as Sam and Dean enlist the help of a re-vitalized Castiel when a young boy emerges as a prophet, and angels and Demons alike seek to claim him.

Last week’s ‘Supernatural’ “The Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo” saw Sam and Dean working with a geeky female hacker in an effort to learn what Dick Roman is up to, while Bobby tagged along against the wishes of the boys, so what will the latest episode bring?  Does it matter, now that 'Supernatural' will be back for season 8?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Supernatural’ “Reading is Fundamental!”

Young cellist Kevin Tran practices his craft in his room, while the Winchester brothers try to make heads or tales of the block of clay they recovered.  Pounding the clay with a hammer seems to create thunder and lightning outside, which eventually strikes Kevin Tran, as the boys discover a tablet hidden within the clay.  Meanwhile, Kevin’s eyes seem to glow white, and the long-dormant Castiel awakens from his deep slumber!

Over at Geothrive developments, two of Dick Roman’s Leviathans plot out their factory development, while Kevin Tran starts experiencing strange visions.  Dean and and Sam do their best to research the mysterious tablet, but the language on it doesn’t seem to match anything in the records.  Unable to figure out why Dick Roman would want it, the boys opt to head for Rufus’ old cabin when Meg calls them to alert them to Castiel’s waking.

Having slept through one of his tests, Kevin continues having flashes of knowledge telling him that he’s been Chosen, and alters his course to drive in a different direction.  Meanwhile, Sam and Dean visit with Castiel, who while walking and talking, still seems every bit as crazy as when they left him.  Still he manages to identify the tablet as the word of Metatron (no, not Megatron) the messenger of God.  It wasn’t meant for the angels to see, but when argument erupts over Meg wanting to see it, Castiel drops the tablet and disappears, the tablet now shattered into pieces.  Dean tracks Castiel to the cafeteria, while Sam and Meg argue long enough for the tablet pieces to disappear out from under them!  Kevin stole them, but Meg and Sam easily track him down, even if he refuses to hand over the tablet pieces

While Dean does his best to convince Castiel to help them, Kevin insists that the tablet was somehow meant for him, supported by the fact that it re-assembles itself in his presence!  Castiel still seems unwilling to help, while Kevin then reveals that he can partially read the tablet, which speaks of Leviathans, and God’s creation of them.  Just as it seems they’ve caught a lucky break, Meg’s eyes go demon as both she and Castiel sense the approach of other angels!

Two angels appear, demanding that the boys step away from the “prophet,” when Castiel reveals himself, and identifies the female angel as Hester, one of his old garrison.  They seem incredulous, given that the last they saw of Castiel was his taking on God-like powers, delivering a fearful speech in Heaven, and then disappearing completely, but there’s no time to celebrate as Dean banishes all of them with the standard ‘Supernatural’ angel sigil.  A dumbfounded Kevin tries to process the whole scene, before they all agree to head for Rufus’ cabin.

At a local gas station, Sam notices a news report of the missing Kevin, while Meg makes eye contact with some fellow demons in the shop.  On the road, Kevin worries for his life, when Castiel calls Meg and instantly poofs into the car, explaining that the angels are seeking out the “Word of God” as is the protocol, to keep it away from men.  When they finally arrive at Rufus’ cabin, Castiel explains how the visions of Lucifer dissipated, though he sees the Hell he absorbed from Sam as a blessing that gave him perspective when he was lost.  Downstairs, in what’s hopefully not a sex dungeon, Dean does his best to motivate Kevin to continue translating the tablet.

Elsewhere, Meg meets with the demons from earlier, offering to cut them in on the deal for the angel who betrayed their boss Crowley, but ultimately double-crosses them and stabs them both with Ruby’s Knife.  When she returns, she finds that the boys have snared her in a Devil’s Trap, as the boys questions why they should trust her.  Apparently, demons are capable of learning, and Meg simply wants to keep the brothers alive long enough to ultimately bring down Crowley.

Still, killing those demons apparently lit a beacon for the other angels to find, as they immediately zero in on the cabin!  Hester ignores all of Dean’s pleas not to take Kevin, though she refuses to see why the Winchesters should be given everything, and nearly kills Castiel for all his mucking up of religious doctrine, before Meg finally shoves an angel blade through her back, killing her.  Angel ganked!

Kevin finishes his translations, as the remaining angels agree to watch over him from his home, and depart.  According to the translation, Leviathans can be killed by being stabbed by the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the blood of a fallen angel, which Cas is only too happy to provide.  Not knowing what he’ll do next, Castiel disappears as well.

At Kevin Tran’s home, a police officer assuages his mother, when Kevin himself appears flanked by the angels, who he says are keeping him safe.  Suddenly, the officer impales the angels with his own fist, and reveals himself as Dick Roman’s right hand man.  After all, Leviathan beats Angel!  Who knew? Until next week!

Well, its definitely nice to have a bit of that old 'Supernatural' mythology back, given this current season has been mostly devoted to new monsters an stand-alone episodes.  But with only two episodes remaining in the season, is there really enough time to develop the threat the boys are up against, or will it move into that recently-confirmed eighth season?

Did you get your fill of ‘Supernatural’ action?  What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for an all-new episode recap of ‘Supernatural’ spookfest “There Will Be Blood” on The CW!