Supernatural’ season 7 oozes out its twenty-second episode of the season, as Sam and Dean work to find both Crowley and the last remaining Alpha for aid in destroying Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart)  and the other Leviathans.

Last week’s ‘Supernatural’ “Reading is Fundamental” saw Sam and Dean enlisting the help of a re-vitalized Castiel when a young boy emerges as a prophet, and angels and Demons alike sought to claim him, so what will the latest episode bring?  Does it matter, now that ‘Supernatural’ will be back for season 8?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Supernatural’ “There Will Be Blood!”

Reporter Gloria Jane sits down with Dick Roman to discuss his recent purchase of food giant Sucrocorp, as he explains that the purpose of the buy is to make the food simply better, healthier and tastier, though he isn’t exactly talking about Twinkies, but humans themselves!  After Dick has a “replacement order” put on Gloria, he blackmails the prophet Kevin into translating the stone tablet from last week for him.

Meanwhile, the boys keep finding dead ends about Kevin’s translation on the ways to kill a Leviathan, when Bobby appears before Dean to direct him toward finding Crowley and an Alpha as the other bloods required beside Castiel.  Still, Bobby’s aggressive, glass-shattering demeanor lead Dean to believe Bobby might be losing control of his ghostly composition.  Unnerved, but following his advice, the boys summon Crowley.

While Kevin finishes handing his translation to Dick Roman, Crowley agrees to help the Winchesters by providing his blood, though not until they’ve tracked down both the remaining Alpha vampire and a fallen angel (the boys unwilling to give up Castiel’s existence) for their contributions.  The hunt for the Alpha takes the boys to North Dakota, where Dean disposes of Bobby’s flask long enough for a private conversation with Sam about his behavior.  Suddenly, they notice how out of it everyone seems, likely victims of Dick Roman’s high fructose corn syrup, and to Dean’s horror realize they must avoid their usual highway junk food.

Sam and Dean scout the Alpha’s apparent lair (expedited by Bobby’s ability to search the entire place in moments), but all they find is a number of dead vampires, killed by an unknown cause.  Behind a wall, Bobby manages to find a young girl, Emily, kept hidden away, who explains that the Alpha took her when she was 8 as a personal source of human blood, and that the adjacent vampires died after returning from a hunt in which their human prey barely put up any resistance.  Sound like the corn syrup to anybody?  Later, the sole surviving vampire returns, only to be attacked by Dick’s Leviathan handyman Edgar.

Later on the road, the boys realize their next best move to be taking advantage of the abundance of vampire poison, or “Vamptonite” surrounding them, as a lethargic local man offers not qualm when the boys ask to take some of his corn syrup-infected blood.  Later, the boys leave Emily in their motel room with a bitter Bobby, and almost immediately after Emily drops her nice girl facade and places a call to her “Daddy” Alpha, to Bobby’s frustrated annoyance.

Scoping the Alpha’s mansion, Dean and Sam quickly find themselves ambushed and brought before the Alpha Vampire.  The Alpha Vampire reveals that he’s been working with Dick Roman, but remains unaware that the supposed “vampire plague” could be from the very ingredient Roman had been pumping into humans.  Before they can convince him any further, Edgar himself shows up and Alpha has the boys dragged away.  Meanwhile, Bobby tries desperately to open the wall safe Dean stuck his flask into, ultimately possessing a hotel maid to get the job done.  Naughty Bobby…

Edgar at first denies any knowledge of the boys' claim that Leviathans have been poisoning vampires, as the Alpha questions where they are on the list of being dealt with, when Edgar reveals the truth: the poison will kill any other creature with a taste for human.  When Edgar insults the entire monster lineage, Alpha assists the boys in decapitating Edgar, and finally offers up his blood to aid the boys.  When Dean insists they let their child servants go as well, Alpha glibly remarks that he’ll see them next season…

Afterward, Sam and Dean return to find the hotel trashed, and no sign of Bobby, the only solace they can take is having Crowley in their corner.  You mean that Crowley who’s secretly meeting with Dick Roman as they speak?  Yes, that one.

It's been a long time in coming, but it's nice to finally have some real movement on the Leviathan story, even if Bobby's ghostly wig-outs keep taking center stage and Castiel continues to remain off screen.  Next episode will see the finale, so how will it all come crashing down?  Will the Leviathans ultimately disappear after their one-season introduction?  Will Dean ever get to enjoy sweet junk food again?  We'll find out!

Did you get your fill of ‘Supernatural’ action?  What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for an all-new episode recap of ‘Supernatural’ spookfest “Survival of the Fittest” on The CW!