'Supernatural' will return in a big way next week when geek goddess Felicia Day makes a third appearance for "Pac-Man Fever," while May 1 episode "The Great Escapist" will kick off the final arc of season 8. It all builds toward the mysterious finale event "Sacrifice," but will one of the Winchesters live up to the title? Check out a sneak peek photo from the 'Supernatural' season 8 finale inside for a clue!

It seems like just about every year puts one Winchester brother in the ground, and season 8 finale title "Sacrifice" doesn't bode particularly well. Certainly Sam has been in dire straits over his participation in the mysterious trials, but could Dean once again end up in jeopardy by season's end?

A new behind the scenes photo from the season finale has surfaced, which seems to showcase Crowley (Mark Sheppard) at Sam's mercy, stuck inside a Devil's Trap. Dean is nowhere to be found within the shot, while camera operator Brian Rose tweets "Well #SuperNatural fans, the last scene with the boyz before school''s out. Don't miss out on the final episode!!!!"

'Supernatural' show-runner Jeremy Carver recently teased of Crowley’s role in the endgame that “I think we’re going to see Crowley rising to a new level of ruthlessness we haven’t seen before in order to defend himself and his kingdom, as it were. I think we’re going to see Crowley presented with a new twist on things that will affect him forever, as well."

You can check out the behind-the-scenes photo of 'Supernatural's season 8 finale "Sacrifice" below, and give us your predictions in the comments! Will one of the Winchesters fall once more?

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