A few days ago 'Supernatural' fans learned the squee-worthy news that lead character Sam Winchester would be given a recurring love interest for the upcoming eighth season, though very little official details were available.  Now, just days before the Comic-Con 2012 panel, we've learned who's going to have the hots for Sammie, and it ain't Lucifer!

According to TVLine, Liane Balaban ('Alphas,' 'Covert Affairs') has been tapped to join 'Supernatural' season 8 in the role of Sam Winchester's new love interest "Amelia."  Initially described as a doctor in her late 20s to early 30s recovering from a tragedy, the new report expands the description as “a tragedy-damaged soul” that “soon reveals herself to be a brave, sweet, smart, sarcastic woman.”.

Though Sam has been through his share of women over the years, Amelia will mark the character’s first recurring love interest since the demon Ruby (played by Jared Padalecki’s now-wife Genevieve Cortese), last seen in season 4.  Amelia will make her first appearance in the eighth season’s third episode, set to be directed by fellow series star Jensen Ackles, and filmed first in the production schedule.

Seeing as season 7 finale of ‘Supernatural’ “Survival of the Fittest” left off with the Winchester brothers separated when Dean (Ackles) found himself trapped in purgatory, it remains to be seen if the elder Winchester brother will have returned to hunting with his brother by episode three of next season.

What say you?  Do you think Liane Balaban's Amelia has the chops to make it as Sam's love interest where so many others have failed?  What would you like to see from 'Supernatural' season 8?  Sound off in the comments below, fans!

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