Apart from The CW's news that 'Flash' will soon spin off of 'Arrow,' we're still reeling from the announcement that 'Supernatural' will follow the same treatment for its ninth season. More and more details have begun to emerge from the as-yet-untitled spinoff, which will weave a backdoor pilot into 'Supernatural' season 9 and center in Chicago with a new cast of characters, but what chances do fans have of seeing any familiar faces?

Planning for the spinoff remains in the early stages, but there appears to be a bit of differing opinion on whether or not Sam and Dean Winchester will have any role in the new series. While earlier in the day at the ongoing TCA press tour, 'Supernatural' executive producer Robert Singer said, "Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] will be in the spinoff, but it's an entirely different cast of characters." CW president Mark Pedowitz had a differing account:

It's a planted spinoff and right now it's the beginning of development. There will be hunters, there will be monsters, it will be set in Chicago, at the moment no one's planning to have continuing characters that are on 'Supernatural' right now.

Thus far, we know that the spinoff will take its base in the windy city as "more of an ensemble" show, while 'Supernatural' supervising producer Andrew Dabb will pen the script. The backdoor pilot will unfold as the 20th episode of 'Supernatural' season 9, taking place sometime in the spring.

We'll keep you updated as more details on the 'Supernatural' spinoff emerge, but what say you? Do you believe that the franchise has life enough for a spinoff without Sam, Dean or any other established characters? How would you like The CW to proceed with the new series?

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