Shortly after 'Supernatural' gave its big Hall H presentation at Comic-Con 2013, fans of the long-running CW series were surprised to learn that the network had begun development of a potential spinoff series, whose backdoor pilot would be woven into the coming season. Now that the dust has settled, what fresh details have been spilled of the Sam and Dean-less spinoff series?

According to TVLine, the more "citified" vibe of the spinoff will lend itself to a base of operation in the heart of Chicago, chronicling the clashing hunter and monster cultures in the so-called Windy City. For the moment, no detail have emerged on who might lead the series, though last season we distinctly got the vibe from "Man's Best Friend with Benefits" that 'Supernatural' might be looking toward a potential spin-off.

Meanwhile, ‘Supernatural’ season 9 will feature the return of longtime series star Jim Beaver as his character Bobby Singer in an unknown capacity, while Felicia Day‘s Charlie Bradbury has been announced to pop up as well. Executive producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer (the real one) also recently previewed the CW drama’s ninth year, particularly the expanded role angels would play in the mythology going forward, and a secret that Dean will be keeping from Sam.

Fans will also be excited to learn that the 'Supernatural' season 9 spinoff has moved up a week to October 8, but what say you? Are you still excited by the prospect of a spinoff? Check out the Comic-Con catchup video below, and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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