We’ve been getting teases of Margot Robbie’s new thriller Terminal for the past few days now, wondering what, exactly, this thing is. A demented Alice in Wonderland-esque thriller? A kooky, twisted hitman thriller? Perhaps a bit of both, by the looks of the first full trailer.

In the feature debut from Vaughn Stein, Robbie plays Annie, a mysterious woman who tries on a whole range of disguises, from a black wig and lace dress to a nurses outfit to a pinstriped waitress getup. And if you thought her Harley Quinn was nutty, here she takes deranged to a whole new level, straddling a tied-up man with a switchblade and creepily sharpening medical tools. The trailer, which is like a massive explosion of British accents and neon, also gives us our first look at Mike Myers and Simon Pegg’s characters, along with Dexter Fletcher and Max Irons’ assassins. Here’s the synopsis:

This movie follows two assassins with a sinister mission, a fatally ill teacher, an enigmatic janitor, and a waitress with a double life. Murderous consequences unravel as their lives meet at the hands of a criminal mastermind wanting revenge.

Terminal looks like it could either be a bit of murderous demented fun, or a hodgepodge of nonsense. Let’s hope for the former when it hits theaters May 11.

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