Of all the climactic CW starts and stops over the last few months, The 100 fans in particular have waited patiently for the breakout sci-fi drama’s return. We’ll have to endure the wait until January 21 for Season 3, but ease the pain with our first official footage from the new year, as what’s left of the world hunts for Clarke!

Granted, showrunner Jason Rothenberg reminded fans that the Season 3 promo aired during last night’s Arrow represents only a fraction of the full trailer next week, our first new The 100 footage sees Clarke on the run after her actions at Mount Weather last season. Things don’t look too great back at Camp Jaha either, with the Grounder peace proving frighteningly fragile.

Guest stars for The 100 Season 3 will include Black Sails star Zach McGowan as a rogue Grounder warrior named Roan, along with Sons of Anarchy alum Michael Beach as a new member of the Ark, and Brenda Strong as the leader of the mysterious Ice Nation.

The full trailer will arrive next week, but in the meantime, check out the first look at The 100 Season 3 above, or check out the first two seasons on Netflix. Trust us on this one.