Yesterday was a good day for many of The CW's fans, given full season renewals for the network's bigger hits like 'Supernatural,' 'The Vampire Diaries,' and even the '90210' reboot, or adaptation, or whatever we're calling it.  Apart from those three however, what of the network's other on-the-bubble series?  Who's most likely dead in the water, and who's still got a fighting chance?

Of the five CW shows whose fate has yet to be announced, there's good news and bad news.  According to Deadline, despite not being included among the early pickups of 'Supernatural,' 'The Vampire Diaries,' and '90210,' long-running drama 'Gossip Girl' and freshman effort 'Hart of Dixie' are the most likely to be renewed.  'Gossip Girl' is a big DVR winner for The CW and has been a signature show for the CW that would likely see itself paired with similarly-toned 'Sex and the City' prequel 'The Carrie Diaries,' While Rachel Bilson-vehicle 'Hart Of Dixie' has been very strong in online viewership.

'Nikita' also remains something of a question mark, with a decent chance of being renewed for a third season as as strong international seller for the CW’s sibling studio Warner Bros TV, as well as a large niche audience that's kept shows like 'Supernatural' on the air for years.

Looking far less likely to be renewed are that of 'The Secret Circle' and the Sarah Michelle Gellar comeback vehicle 'Ringer.'  Neither show has made a particularly large impact with their ratings, in fact 'Ringer' often maligned for its confusing plot-lines.  Further complicating matters is Sarah Michelle Gellar's recently-announced pregnancy, which would be difficult to adapt into a series where Gellar plays two twin sisters.

Additionally, pilot selections for The CW have been fairly buzz-worthy this year, with entries like 'Arrow,' 'The Carrie Diaries,' 'Beauty & The Beast,' 'First Cut,' 'Cult' and the 'The Selection,' meaning that the network may be looking to clear a few spots for next year.

We're most rooting for 'Nikita,' but what say you?  Which of the remaining CW shows would you miss the most, and who should be given the boot?  Play executive and give us your pics in the comments!

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