The CW's forthcoming Green Arrow adaptation 'Arrow' has been on a bit of a casting spree lately, most recently casting DC superhero The Huntress for a multi-episode stint in the series' first season.  Huntress joins a number of other DC characters present to tangle with Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen, including Deadshot, China White and Deathstroke the Terminator, but what of DC's most recognizable characters?  Which four is the series swearing off, and why?

Speaking in a recent interview with Zap2It, 'Arrow' executive producer Marc Guggenheim opened up a bit about the world presented in the series, and what boundaries within the DC universe it would follow.  We'd already known that 'Arrow' would largely eschew any super-powered characters in favor of the show's more gritty, realistic 'Batman Begins'-style tone, but several recognizable DC heroes have no mystical, or science-fiction associations.

Still, Guggenheim remains adamant that at least four of DC's most recognizable superheroes won't appear within the series, mostly so as not to steal the spotlight from the world they're constructing around Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen.  Says Guggenheim:

I think as far as those big names like Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne and Hal Jordan and Diana Prince, we're going to shy away from that, especially because we really want to establish Oliver Queen as our hero and our lead.

We're not looking to do Justice League as our TV show. We're doing a show called 'Arrow,' which is about Oliver Queen. Anyone who comes into his world will be a supporting character. Those characters aren't supporting characters. Those are leads. So we'll be focusing more on supporting cast in the DC universe. People who come in and complement Oliver, not overtake him.

Understandably, 'Arrow' is also looking to distance itself from its predecessor 'Smallville,' which over time brought in a plethora of DC characters, both super-powered and otherwise.  That series featured a flashback to the arrest of a Golden-Age Green Lantern, and several allusions to both Batman and Wonder Woman, though between the two only Batman would ever be featured in continuity, recently debuting in 'Smallville's post-TV comics.

Of course, time will tell if 'Arrow's producers ever decide to break their rule regarding super-powers, or the larger heroes of the DC universe.  'Arrow' will debut on The CW on October 10.

What say you?  Are you disappointed to learn 'Arrow' likely won't feature big-name superheroes anytime soon?  Do you think the series can stand on its own regardless?  Give us your thoughts in the comments!