Daredevil. Jessica Jones. Daredevil (again). Luke Cage. Iron Fist. Together they are the Defenders, and they are now the stars of a unique television series. All four heroes had their own solo shows on Netflix, and now they’re teaming up to save New York City from evil ninjas and who knows who else. That’s a premise that’s hard to resist, but if you haven’t watched the Defenders’ previous shows, the prerequisites can be mighty intimidating. Combined, the five previous seasons of Netflix’s Marvel shows add up to about 65 hours of entertainment. Who has that much time to binge-watch?

Uh, us apparently? ScreenCrush’s resident expert on Netflix’s wing of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Ryan Arey has watched all 65 hours, and he is here to help. In under 10 minutes, the video above will get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the Defenders’ pre-Defenders exploits. Why is Daredevil not Daredevil anymore? Why is Luke Cage in jail? What happened to Elektra? In a fraction of the time it would take you to actually watch and learn all this stuff (and with a lot more Seal music than you would otherwise get to enjoy), Ryan will lay it all out.

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