You’ve got to figure the notion of a “do-over” is kind of intoxicating to Adam Sandler.

Sure he’s a huge movie star with a great family life and millions of dollars. But The Do-Over, his latest film for Netflix, is not the first that explored issues like mortality, growing older, and the divide between, as David Spade’s character puts it, “who did you want to be and who did you actually become?” This matter is at the core of Funny People and Click and Pixels and even, God help me, The Cobbler.

The characters in The Do-Over don’t literally slip into other people’s shoes, but they come pretty close. Here’s the plot synopsis:

The life of a bank manager is turned upside down when a friend from his past manipulates him into faking his own death and taking off on an adventure.

What the plot synopsis doesn’t say: After they fake their deaths, they assume new identities (Cobbler callback!), which land them in even bigger trouble. Spade plays the humble bank manager; Sandler is the friend from his past who claims to be an FBI agent but is actually some kind of sociopathic con man. And then at some point there’s a graphic threesome between Spade, an undisclosed woman, and Luis Guzman. This should be the company’s new slogan! Netflix: Where You Can Watch David Spade Engage in the Act of Oral Sex.

Yes for so many reasons the notion of a do-over is quite relatable. The Do-Over debuts on Netflix on May 27.

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