In 1998, director Robert Rodriguez released the high school horror film 'The Faculty.' Written by 'Scream' scribe Kevin Williamson, the film follows a group of mismatched high school students who must overcome their differences and band together when mysterious alien parasites take over the bodies of their peers and teachers. Fifteen years later, we take a look back at the awesome ensemble cast of the film and see what they're up to now.

Elijah Wood, Casey Connor

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Then: Elijah Wood played one of the film's main protagonists, the bullied high school newspaper photographer Casey Connors.

Now: Wood played Frodo Baggins in the 'Lord of the Rings' films and recently returned to horror with roles in the 'Maniac' remake and the upcoming 'Grand Piano.' He plays the lead role on the FX series 'Wilfred,' which recently announced its fourth and final season.

Jordana Brewster, Delilah Profitt

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Then: Former model Jordana Brewster made her big-screen debut in 'The Faculty' as Delilah Profitt, the snobby school newspaper reporter. The role was written for Charisma Carpenter of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' but she felt it was too similar to her character on the show. Jessica Alba also auditioned for the role.

Now: Brewster went on to star in the 'Fast and the Furious' franchise as Mia Toretto, and has appeared in four of the films in the series. She will reprise the role in 'Fast and Furious 7.' She currently plays Elena Ramos on the revamped 'Dallas' TV series.

Clea DuVall, Stokely "Stokes" Mitchell

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Then: Clea DuVall, star of 'The Witches' and 'Can't Hardly Wait' (in which she had a small role), played Stokely, the school's token alterna-girl.

Now: DuVall made playing edgier characters her signature for a while, appearing in 'She's All That,' 'But I'm a Cheerleader' and 'Girl, Interrupted.' In the last couple of years she's starred in 'Argo' and had a recurring part on 'American Horror Story: Asylum.'

Laura Harris, Marybeth Louise Hutchinson


Then: Laura Harris, who had previously appeared in 'Suicide Kings,' played Marybeth Louise Hutchinson, the new girl in school whose country simplicity seems a bit ... strange.

Now: Harris had recurring roles on '24' and 'Dead Like Me,' and guest starred on the Syfy original series 'Warehouse 13.' She has appeared in the films 'A Mighty Wind' and 'Severance.'

Josh Hartnett, Zeke Tyler

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Then: Josh Hartnett played sexy bad boy Zeke Tyler, who hits on Miss Burke and sells homemade speed out of the trunk of his car. Harnett, who was just getting his career started, had previously starred in 'Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.'

Now: Hartnett went on to star in the films 'The Virgin Suicides,' 'Pearl Harbor,' 'Wicker Park,' 'Sin City,' 'Lucky Number Slevin' and '30 Days of Night.' His more recent film credits include 'Bunraku' and 'Girl Walks Into a Bar.' He can be seen next on the upcoming Showtime series 'Penny Dreadful' with Eva Green and Timothy Dalton.

Famke Janssen, Miss Elizabeth Burke

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Then: Famke Janssen played Miss Elizabeth Burke, a mousy teacher who gets super sexy when she's infected by the alien parasite. That same year, Janssen also starred in the films 'Rounders,' 'Deep Rising' and 'Celebrity.'

Now: Janssen has appeared in several 'X-Men' films as Jean Grey, had a memorable recurring role on 'Nip/Tuck,' and stars on the Netflix series 'Hemlock Grove.' She recently reprised the role of Jean Grey for 'The Wolverine,' and appeared in both 'Taken' films.

Shawn Hatosy, Stan Rosado

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Then: Shawn Hatosy appeared in the films 'Inventing the Abbotts' and 'In & Out' before starring in 'The Faculty' as Stan Rosado, a football player.

Now: Hatosy has since starred in 'Alpha Dog,' 'Public Enemies' and 'The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.' He had a lead role on the acclaimed police drama series 'Southland,' and has guest starred on 'Dexter' and 'Body of Proof.'

Salma Hayek, Nurse Rosa Harper

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Then: Salma Hayek was no stranger to working with director Robert Rodriguez -- she had appeared in his films 'Desperado,' 'Four Rooms' and 'From Dusk Till Dawn.' In 'The Faculty,' she played Nurse Rosa Harper.

Now: Hayek reprised the 'Desperado' role of Carolina for Rodriguez's 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico,' and has appeared in the films 'Savages,' 'Here Comes the Boom' and both 'Grown Ups' films. She also had recurring roles on both 'Ugly Betty' and '30 Rock.'

Piper Laurie, Mrs. Karen Olson

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Then: Piper Laurie, who played Carrie White's mother in the horror classic 'Carrie,' played teacher Mrs. Karen Olson, one of the first teachers to fall victim to the alien parasites.

Now: Laurie reunited with her 'Faculty' co-star Famke Janssen in the 2004 indie comedy 'Eulogy,' and with Laura Harris on the series 'Dead Like Me.' Laurie has also appeared in the films 'The Dead Girl,' 'Hounddog' and 'Hesher.'

Bebe Neuwirth, Principal Valerie Drake

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Then: Stage and screen actress Bebe Neuwirth played Principal Valerie Drake, a role for which 'X-Files' star Gillian Anderson also auditioned. Neuwirth is perhaps best known for playing Lilith on 'Cheers.'

Now: Neuwirth, like Janssen, appeared in the film 'Celebrity,' and has also starred in 'Summer of Sam' and the 2009 'Fame' remake. She's had recurring guest roles on 'Bored to Death' and 'The Good Wife,' and played Morticia Addams in the stage version of 'The Addams Family.'

Robert Patrick, Coach Joe Willis

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Then: Robert Patrick, best known for playing the T-1000 in 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day,' played Coach Joe Willis, the school's football coach and one of the earliest victims of the alien parasites.

Now: Patrick has recently starred in the films 'Identity Thief,' 'Gangster Squad' and 'Lovelace,' and has a recurring role on 'True Blood' as the father of Joe Manganiello's character, Alcide. He has also guest starred on 'Big Love' and 'Sons of Anarchy.'

Jon Stewart, Professor Edward Furlong

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Then: Jon Stewart, then star of 'The Jon Stewart Show' and recurring guest star on 'The Larry Sanders Show,' played Professor Edward Furlong -- his name was a nod to the actor, who appeared in 'Terminator 2' with 'Faculty' star Robert Patrick.

Now: Stewart began hosting 'The Daily Show' on Comedy Central in 1999, and has been hosting ever since. He's appeared in the films 'Big Daddy' and 'Death to Smoochy,' and as himself in 'Evan Almighty' and 'The Adjustment Bureau.' Stewart recently took time off from 'The Daily Show' to film his directorial debut, 'Rosewater,' a film which he also wrote and produced.