In case Mark Hamill’s “Tricksters” return didn’t drive the point home, our sleek, modern CW Flash has tremendous reverence for the old 1990 CBS series, finding a place for nearly all of its stars. That reverence just kicked into overdrive, as all of the original Flash series is now available to stream online with CW Seed.

Drawing some definite inspiration from Tim Burton’s Batman (seriously, listen to that score, it’s Danny Elfman and everything), the original series ran for one season of 22 episodes on CBS, as overseen by creators Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo. In addition to current Flash patriarch John Wesley Shipp in the title role of Barry Allen, the series also introduced a post-Star Wars Mark Hamill in the role of “Trickster” James Jesse, and included a take on Captain Cold and others.

Shipp and Hamill aren’t the only original series stars to reprise their roles, either, as Amanda Pays returned to the character of Tina McGee across multiple current Flash episodes, while even Vito D’Ambrosio popped up in the “Tricksters” installment as Mayor (Officer in the original series) Anthony Bellows.

Make all the Flash-back puns you like, and check out the series that started it all at CW Seed right here.

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