Last night’s Flash saw “The Trap” springing plenty of trouble on Barry’s past and present, though it’s the Scarlet Speedster’s future that caught our eye. Justice may be coming to The Flash before long, bringing some Arrow spinoff heroes in League with a major easter egg from the future.

You’re warned of Flash spoilers for “The Trap” from here on out, but Barry Allen’s Justice League future may already be upon us. Picking up on the cliffhanger from last week, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin snuck a peek at Harrison Wells / Reverse Flash’s so-called “Time Vault,” including the 2024 newspaper that depicts future Barry vanishing in a mysterious “crisis.”

This time around however, a closer look at the newspaper (via ComicBook) yielded some intriguing easter eggs, as the article in question mentions “Starling City’s Green Arrow, The Atom and Hawkgirl,” the latter two of whom will both lead the upcoming teamup spinoff. Intriguingly as CB points out, however, the series' pilot attributed the article to an “Evan Gibson,” since updated for “The Trap” to Iris West-Allen.

The CW

Most exciting of all however, Barry’s interaction with the “Gideon” artificial intelligence (voiced by Morena Baccarin, no less) also began to describe Barry as “founding member of the…” before being cut off. That sentence could trail off in any number of directions, though curiously, the episode’s preview comic distinctly added the word “Justice” into the fragment.

Granted, we’ve seen before that DC isn’t always so willing to share its name characters with the CW’s TV universe, it’s certainly curious that the TV rendition would omit “Justice” from the line. Adding to that, We know that Oliver (sans any “Arrow” name) will pitch in for the battle against Reverse Flash, alongside the returning Firestorm, leading one to wonder how long before any “Justice” team might officially emerge.

The Flash will return next Tuesday to the momentous news that “Grodd Lives,” but could The CW’s rendition of a Justice League lie in our future? Might some variation end up as a title of the Atom teamup spinoff, should “Legends of Tomorrow” fall through?

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