It’s still a long ways off — which made the reveals from The Flash movie panel at DC FanDome among the day’s most pleasant surprises. Star Ezra Miller and director Andy Muschietti unveiled two different pieces of concept art from their upcoming film, which is based on the famous Flashpoint comic series. In the comics, Barry Allen gets sent into an alternate timeline, one much darker than the man DC Universe.

Traveling between universes, Barry will meet several different Batmen. This week, we learned Ben Affleck’s Batfleck from the DCEU will make an appearance. Plus, Michael Keaton’s Batman will appear as well — and in one of the pieces of concept art it sure looks like that’s Keaton’s Dark Knight from Tim Burton’s Batman standing behind Miller’s Flash. That’s wild.

The other piece of art they debuted gave an even better look at The Flash’s new costume, which seems a lot closer to the comics than the one Miller wore as Barry Allen in Justice League. Supposedly, this new suit was designed by Bruce Wayne — although that still leaves some ambiguity about which Batman actually made it...

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Seeing Miller’s Flash besides Michael Keaton’s Batman is one of those are-my-eyes-playing-tricks-on-me moments in movie fandom. The Flash FanDome panel talked a lot about the concept of the DC Multiverse, and the potential for different versions of characters to meet one another in upcoming movies. For a long time DC’s films have really focused on very serious, very gritty concepts. But DC is full of some very wild and imaginative tales. The Flash looks like it’s going to change that in a major way.

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