Fans of 'The Flash,' both in his comic and CW incarnations have known that the new hit series would inevitably reach the Fastest Man Alive's greatest nemesis, and that day has arrived faster than we could have hoped. Take a good look at Professor Zoom, aka Reverse Flash, in some speedy new set photos from an upcoming episode of 'The Flash'!

You're warned of some light comic spoilers from here on out, and potentially for this past week's 'Arrow' spinoff premiere as well, but where the recent set photos don't give the clearest picture of which actor lies beneath the yellow hood, DC mythology gives us at least some clue. 'Flash' comics traditionally feature the hero-obsessed 25th century Eobard Thawne as the yellow-suited Professor Zoom, or "Reverse Flash," who himself went back in time to slay Barry's mother, and whose name should sound familiar to fans of the series.

Of course, it doesn't entirely appear to be Rick Cosnett in costume (nor Grant Gustin in the red), so we don't yet know how closely The CW intends to hew to the Flash's convoluted origins. Compounding that is the presence of Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells, a new original character keeping some fairly substantial secrets from Barry, who himself may have something to do with the mysterious yellow-suited figure.

We'll learn more as 'The Flash' continues on with its first season, but in the meantime, what do we think? Does Professor Zoom's costume look as good as we could have hoped from a yellow-suited Flash? How do you think the character's convoluted history will be incorporated into the series? Check out the gallery below, and give us your 'The Flash' predictions in the comments!

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