HBO Now is good for many things: for catching up on those shows you’ve been missing, for watching films exclusively airing on the premium network (including pretty much all the Police Academy movies, if that’s your thing, sure), for using your parents’ password to take advantage of their disposable income… But there’s something else the streaming service has that you won’t find anywhere else: a seven-hour cut of the first two Godfather films, edited in chronological order. If you have the day off, now might be a good time to indulge in such a thing.

The Godfather Epic aired last night on HBO, but all 424 minutes of it is now available on HBO Go and HBO Now. If you want to wait to catch it on HBO again, the network will air it on January 23, but if you can’t wait (and you have access), you can watch a streaming version right now.

Francis Ford Coppola’s acclaimed trilogy tells the story of the Corleone family, led by Marlon Brando’s iconic Don Corleone who, in his final days, endeavors to pass the family business onto his son, Michael (Al Pacino). The Godfather Parts I and II have long been hailed — rightfully — as superior to the third installment, with the second film offering flashbacks to a younger Don (Robert De Niro), while also exploring Michael’s struggles as he rises to power.

The Godfather Epic takes those flashbacks and places them in their correct chronological order along with additional unseen footage, serving as a sort of experimental director’s cut, and one that may slightly change your perception of Coppola’s masterpiece. If you haven’t seen the films before, perhaps the Epic cut isn’t the best way for you to experience this story for the first time, but for established fans, this 424-minute version is mighty interesting.

Here’s the trailer for the Epic cut:

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