When 'The Great Gatsby' moved from Christmas 2012 to Summer 2013, it didn't seem all that troubling. For one, star Leonardo DiCaprio had another picture opening the same day, and Warner Brothers has a big Oscar slate already ('Argo,' 'Cloud Atlas,' 'The Hobbit' to name a few). But the latest rumors suggest that the film is incomplete, and Warner Brothers won't pay for additional reshoots.

This comes from Australia's Herald Sun, and they quote an unnamed source who says director Baz Luhrmann is seeking outside funding to do an additional round of reshoots and to finish the film, which Warner Brothers -- who have already invested $127 Million in the project -- won't pay for.

One source shouldn't be enough to damn the picture, but with the film already getting bumped for six months, it's possible that production difficulties are behind it, and the idea of doing 'The Great Gatsby' as a 3-D spectacle was never a sure bet to begin with (we might even call it a little insane). As Luhrmann has a reputation as a tinkerer, this comes across as believable. Spike Lee had difficulty getting all the money he needed for 'Malcolm X' and went to his famous friends for donations. That, though, seems a little different than this.