There are movies funnier than The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and there are movies more terrifying than The Killing of a Sacred Deer. But there are very few movies as funny as The Killing of a Sacred Deer that also manage to be so terrifying at the same time.

Today brings a new trailer for the latest film from The Lobster and Dogtooth director Yorgos Lanthimos, a sadistic household drama splitting the difference between slapstick, Sophie’s Choice, and Funny Games. Like the first spot from last month, this new trailer plays up young Barry Keoghan’s natural creepiness, showcasing his unsettling monotone voice and chilling expressionless face. But the trailer smartly refrains from revealing what, exactly, his deal is. We see him ingratiating himself with a surgeon (dad-bod Colin Farrell) and his family (including wife Nicole Kidman), but he’s definitely got ulterior motives. By the time he starts dispassionately issuing death threats, it’s clear we’re in a Lanthimos movie.

The less said about the plot, the better, so let’s instead appreciate the images the trailer presents free of context: Keoghan trying to set Farrell up wth his mom by telling him about her “great body,” blood leaking out of a child’s eyes in a documented medical condition known as haemolacria, a young girl unsteadily singing through her scales in what morphs into a harrowing refrain through repetition. If the lone goal of a trailer for a film such as this is to leave the audience with a chill up their spine, mission accomplished. And then some.

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