The Last Starfighter has floated around as a reboot target for years now, attracting everyone from Steven Spielberg to Seth Rogen, but at long last, TV might finally have won the day. Original writer Jonathan Betuel has formed a team to bring The Last Starfighter to TV, this time with a virtual reality twist.

Where the original 1984 film proved a breakout template of computer effects, Variety reports that Betuel has teamed with the Los Angeles-based to develop and shop The Starfighter Chronicles, incorporating special scenes that enable viewers with virtual reality headsets to observe their surroundings.

Worth noting however, is that rather than reboot the story of a video-gamer whisked to outer space to fight real-life aliens, Betuel’s new series would instead act as “a serialized story about alien law enforcement,” described by the writer himself as “about instilling a moral code.” Asked why he felt Surreal was the right choice to partner for a Last Starfighter followup (Betuel was apparently for a time unaware he’d reclaimed the rights), the writer pointed to Surreal’s interest in both technology and story. “It is important to be aware of both sides.”

It’s a long way to go between development and an actual network suitor (the article notes that streaming outlets are also a possibility), but could the inclusion of virtual reality finally return The Last Starfighter to the limelight? Will the story work as well without the fantasy of a young gamer at its helm? Watch the original trailer below.

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