The Leftovers Season 2 didn’t leave us with any indication that the Garvey family’s time in Miracle had come to an end, though with Season 3 confirmed as the show’s last, the Damon Lindelof rapture drama is in for another tectonic shift. The Leftovers will move the final chapter to Australia, both in story and production.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms the news, noting that production will first wrap up leftover (heh) story in the fictional Jarden, Texas setting, before moving to an undisclosed location in Australia.

Be mindful of some Season 2 spoilers ahead, though the second year of HBO’s critical (sadly not commercial) darling featured numerous references to events in Australia, including the purported resurrection of a man named David Burton, and a move for Kevin Garvey Sr. (Daredevil star Scott Glenn). Kevin’s own apparent resurrection will likely play a factor in the move as well.

As with Season 2's move from New York, it remains to be seen who among the cast will make the move to Australia, or for what purpose. To date, only Liv Tyler has confirmed a return for Season 3, though her character Meg could just as easily appear for the early shoots in Austin.

We’ll likely learn more as production gears up, though The Leftovers Season 3 doesn’t yet have a premiere window for the final run. Will the move to Australia bring any answers?

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