'The Legend of Korra' fans were a bit taken aback to find that Book 4: "Balance" would premiere on October 3, so soon after the Book 3 finale, but the characters themselves are in for a much longer wait. Not only does the first official trailer for 'The Legend of Korra' season 4 confirm "Balance" as the final season (for anyone unsure), it also teases a major time jump for the upcoming story!

Set a full three years after season 3 finale "Enter the Void / Venom of the Red Lotus," the first trailer for 'The Legend of Korra' doesn't give us much in the way of dialogue, but rather some startling images to coincide with older designs of its characters. In addition to Korra's new hair, we also caught looks at an older Kai, Jinora and others sporting some streamlined Air Nation flight suits, as well as Bolin's new Metal Clan duds, and even a few new characters surrounding a more grown-up Asami.

Perhaps most tellingly of all however, it looks as if metalbender Captain Kuvira (Zelda Williams) will play a majorly antagonistic role in the new season, commanding streamlined mech suits and a Metal Clan all her own. You know, we thought her last-minute introduction seemed oddly on-point. Oh, and don't forget quick looks at Varrick and Zhu Li, even Fire Lord Zuko's daughter! Liquid metal! Katara hair loopies! What does it all mean?

We'll just leave this here, to make sure you stay through the whole video:

I can't believe it...Toph?

We'll learn more both when 'The Legend of Korra' Book 4 "Balance" premieres next Friday on Nick.com, and brings cast and crew to New York Comic-Con 2014 the following week, but in the meantime check out the full Book 4 trailer above, give us your predictions for the final 'Legend of Korra' chapter in the comments! Want some early scoop on season 4 from San Diego, while we're at it?